Last update: 27-01-2013

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Service I can provide:

Engine swaps in s13 / s14 - RB - CA - SR engines.

Renovation of head or cylender blocks. RB - CA - SR.

Complete enginebuilds.

Porting / portmatching.

Wiring harness for different engine swaps.

Renovation of s13 / s14 gearboxes.

 Parts for sale

1.   R33 steering rack.

2.   R33 Aircon comp.

3.   R33 std clutch and pressure plate.

4.   CA18DET used head without cams.

5.   CA18DET 2 complete intake manifolds, with injectors and all.

6.   CA18DET engine block. (Need boring)

7.   NEW Precission GT3071 turbo. (540 hk, ball bearing)

8.   CA18DET topmount manifold. (New, extern wastegate)

9.   SR20DET bottommount manifold. (Used, no cracks, T25 T28)

10.  Stainless steel donwpipe for T28 turbo. (new)

11.                          Complete CA18DET engine. (need renovation)